The Professionals

In partnership with Compass Personnel Services (Canada) Inc., Scandinavian Operator Service AS provides highly trained personnel for the offshore industry. Manager Steve Drover:

Scandinavian Operator Service has supplied crane operators to under water based operations I have been on. This includes air and saturation diving, ROV and survey. The company is the most professional I have dealt with in this area, and the experience is shown in the safe and efficient operations conducted offshore. Both companies are working together to provide personnel to the offshore oil industry and I see a bright future.

Top-quality personnel for demanding jobs

Wilfried Boelens, Marine Manager at Five Oceans Services GmbH, a specialist subsea engineering firm, hires crane operators from Scandinavian Operator Service AS:

We chose Scandinavian Operator Service AS because their staff have considerable experience in offshore work and are capable of performing delicate hoists under difficult conditions. Top-notch crane operators are particularly crucial when laying umbilicals near offshore platforms, and Scandinavian Operator Service AS fits the bill perfectly.

Everything went very smoothly

Nils Kaare Bondhus, captain of the M/V Siem Dorado, contracted Scandinavian Operator Service AS for crane operations off the coast of Mexico:

Lasse Welle is highly skilled and is good at providing detailed instructions before critical lifts are carried out. Meetings are held before heavy lifts are performed, and Lasse carefully explains the entire operation, ensuring that everyone on deck knows precisely what to do. As our crane is capable of lifting up to 100 tons, it is essential that all aspects of the lift are taken into account beforehand. Everything has run very smoothly and completely trouble free.

Lasse Welle is also a very talented instructor of new crane operators. His highly structured training programme is quite unique, and the developing skills of future crane operators can be clearly traced month by month.

Learned valuable skills

Jan Christian Naustdal successfully completed crane operator training for the Norwegian G5 Certificate in 2009 and now works for Siem Offshore in Nigerian waters. Scandinavian Operator Service AS was responsible for his training:

I am very grateful that my employers gave me the opportunity of being trained by Scandinavian Operator Service AS. Right from the start, the instructors from Scandinavian Operator Service AS had great faith in me and allowed me to perform many tasks independently and as I achieved more and more skills with the crane they were very willing to teach me to perform complicated and sophisticated lifts. I have learned valuable skills and the training and education have allowed me to accept a position on a new vessel as crane operator on a 100 tons crane, operating off the coast of Nigeria