Riggers & Scaffolders


Riggers at Scandinavian Operator Service A/S is educated with the Danish AMU course “Riggeruddannelse” (Riggers Education) which is a 15 day program intensive training of calculations and rigging methods. The riggers education is corresponding with the Norwegian O-1.1, O-2.2 & O-3.2 while also being approved by OMHEC and is therefore corresponding with any of the 4 regulating countries in OMHEC.


All our Scaffolders are likewise holding the Danish Scaffolding certificate achieved at a Danish AMU educational center. The Danish Scaffolders education program is called "Rør- og industristillads" Pipe and industry scaffolding certificate and lasts 15 days with a overbuild called “Systemstilladser Offshore” System Scaffolding Offshore certificate and is another 4 days of schooling and training. Our Scaffolders holds both System Scaffolding Offshore certificate and Pipe and industry scaffolding certificate.

Holds Both Competences

Before Scandinavian Operator Service A/S hire riggers or Scaffolders at least 1 year of dokumentet experience on either platform or vessel why we can say that our Riggers and Scaffolders have at the least 1 year of experience from platform or vessel aside from the educational training. Often our workers holds compentence as both Rigger and Scaffolder.